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Saturday, 22 December 2007


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And a sad day for those who value competitive spirit. Alonzo Mourning's entire career has embodied passion for the game. He has served well as an ambassador for the players and he has served his employers and fans well as an oustanding intimidator on the court.

However that could all be over with the news of Zo's double-injury to his leg. Mourning's battle against medical ailments in the past has been well documented and his firey determination and leadership on the court has been much needed for a Miami team which is struggling to find any direction this season.

Here's hoping that the big guy makes a full recovery and decides to strap the boots on for a final season in 2008-09. If nothing else, I think Shaq really does need his "bodyguard" next season, as he doesn't seem to be capable of handling himself in quite the same way as he used to.

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