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Monday, 23 June 2008

Brooklyn gets another green light for the Nets

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Bruce Ratner's syndicate pushes on, in a bid to develop a new arena for the 'Brooklyn Nets' (working title). They received good news today, as "the Supreme Court has turned down property owners and tenants facing eviction to make room for a new NBA Nets arena in Brooklyn."

With the ultimate plan of the both the Nets and the Knicks seemingly to snag LeBron when he comes off contract, we may well see LBJ in the New York area. James' connection to rapper Jay-Z (right) is said to hold some sway for him turning towards the Nets when/if he leaves the Cavs.

Meanwhile, the Nets are reportedly in talks (along with the Detroit Pistons) to trade for Denver Nuggets small forward and LBJ rival, Carmelo Anthony.

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