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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

NBA : Today's warnings : 17 June 2008

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  • "Game after game, Celtics fans across Boston face the same, painful decision: basketball or bedtime?" This is the question asked by fans on the East coast who struggle to stay awake for West coast games which push past the midnight barrier. The NBA's response is that the kids know how to use The Internets and that they will find a way to watch it, even if they do have to go to sleep, through YouTube and nba.com. All I can say is, they should try watching from London, England, where start times are usually 1:50am.
  • Apparently still-President G W Bush is no Obama when it comes to basketball, as he proved in a visit to a Northern Ireland school on his European "don't-call-it-a-farewell-tour."
  • The Seattle Supersonics trial has kicked off and it all sounds pertty messy and thus far, inconclusive. Gary Payton and Xavier McDaniel have been right behind the Save Our Sonics cause.
  • Apparently the NBA Finals are up 11% in TV ratings on the last time the Finals went to five games -- the 2006 Dallas v Miami series -- which isn't really earth-shattering news given the teams involved.
  • Buy yourself a sweaty Finals-worn jersey from your friends at NBA.com.
  • UNC is certainly looking good for next season.
  • Are you about to lose your house? Well Superman will save the day!! That's right, Shaq Diesel has offered to help out the many homeowners tied up with mortgages that may make them homeless. "Last week, an attorney working with O'Neal said the Phoenix Suns center wants to buy the mortgages of people whose homes are in foreclosure, then give the homeowner a new mortgage with better terms. Homeowners would stay in their homes with more affordable payments, and O'Neal would turn a small profit."

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