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Monday, 30 June 2008

Danilo Gallinari : unlikely to be tired by Euro Qualifiers

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The Knicks got their man. In a fine New York tradition of Italians, new coach Mike D'Antoni will be linked with the son of an Italian that he used to play with. Danilo Gallinari is a lanky, multi-skilled forward who should have a lot of eyeballs focussed on him as he starts his Knicks career.

One concern posed by many, including Marc Berman of the NY Post in this article, is that European players are often tired out by their International team commitments.

"Gallinari also revealed he'll be playing for the Italian national team from Aug. 20th to sept. 20th in European qualifiers, just 10 days before training camp. That puts him in danger of hitting the usual rookie wall sooner than most."

Whilst in many cases this may be true, the Italian press has revealled in this Alice Sport (Italian) article that Gallinari will not be physically taxed by the Italian coach during the European Championship Qualifiers. The Italian team's qualification is academic and the coach will leave him to rest, "with a view to the New York training camp."

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mookie said...

UPDATE: Given that Marc Berman doesn't have the greatest track record in the world, I guess one shouldn't place too much confidence in his "blog" articles anyway! See this from Tom Ziller: