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Friday, 4 July 2008

Darius Miles : still exceeding expectations

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Darius Miles' time with the Portland Trail Blazers may be over, but if he has any hope of finding another team with which to continue his NBA career, he just shot himself in the foot a little. Miles was found guilty of some form of violation under the NBA's Anti-Drug program. The offence will mean that if and when he finds an NBA suitor, he will be forced to serve a 10 day suspension.

The NBA does not disclose the exact nature of it's suspensions of players under the Anti-Drug program, however it's safe to say that it was a continued recurrence of Miles' marijuana issues -- which incur a 10 day suspension after the fourth positive test.

If indeed it was the alternative, which is performance-enhancing drugs, perhaps Darius is looking to take the fast route back to an NBA contract?

However, in his situation with a contract worth $27.5m for sitting back and admitting that your career is over, I think I'd be partaking in whatever my favourite pastimes were too. Wouldn't you?

Either way, from the Blazers' perspective, this is all a good thing. The less likelihood of having to put Miles' money onto their cap, the better.

Here's Miles at his coherent best:

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