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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

LeBron keeps a sidekick : Daniel Gibson re-signs

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The Cavs have re-signed Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson to an undisclosed multi-year deal.

NBA.com : "Daniel has been an important part of our Cavs family the last two seasons. He has worked to grow as a player and we love his passion for winning and the game itself. He's been great off the court as well, and is exactly the kind of person we're proud to have with us," said Cleveland general manager Danny Ferry. "In re-signing Daniel, it helps the Cavs both build continuity and create a young core that will be in Cleveland for many years to come."

Gibson is a vital cog in the Cavaliers' engine as they try to establish a winning team to keep star LeBron James happy and in Cleveland.


Sportsgamer said...

Ahh booby, how good to know he will be sticking around for a while longer.. He hasn't really proven himself yet in Cleveland in my eyes..The coming years will certainly be telling for his career i think..

mookie said...

Definitely. He's got plenty of potential. I don't know how good he will be, but he's certainly a player to keep around, even if he only stays as good as he is now.