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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

NBA : Today's warnings : 8 July 2008

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  • Joshua Khan at Inventor Spot has come up with this list of the 10 Worst Logos in Sports. I have to say, I don't agree with his dismissal of the Portland Blazers logo -- it's neat and simple, the way a logo should be -- and who could put down that classic 80's Denver Nuggets emblem? But that Tampa Bay Buccaneers character (right) does scare me with his suaveness...

  • Well, Elton Brand is selling up and there are rumours flying all over the place that he's fleeing for the Bay Area. But I'm not buying it (the rumours that is, not the $5m house). The dude was trying to sell his house two years ago -- perhaps he didn't like the market back then, but now thinks he has a better chance to get rid of it and move to that dream home he's been eyeing up. Or maybe he did this before B-Diddy agreed to come to LA and he's just continuing to go through the motions of it all now. Either way, you would have to think that Baron and Elton have talked this whole "we're going here or there" scenario, right?

  • Poor Michael Beasley. Not only did the guy cop flak for getting injured in his first training run with the Heat, but now there are videos flying around the interweb of him getting blocked by both Cedric Simmons and Tyrus Thomas in his first Summer League game. I think he'll be just fine though -- he did put up 28 and 9 in a solid Miami win over Derrick Rose's Bulls.
  • Contrary to earlier reports, Richard Jefferson is all fine and dandy about getting traded to the Bucks.
  • Funny how the tide turns sometimes for guys like Anthony Carter. When his career started out, he was struggling to get a gig. Now he's saying he might just "wait and see" before signing with the Nuggets, who are keen to retain him.

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