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Monday, 7 July 2008

NBA : Today's warnings : 7 July 2008

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  • It must be somewhat concerning for Trail Blazers management that Darius Miles is reportedly still trialling for a shot at coming back into the league. After he allegedly previously worked out with Phoenix, according to the above link, he has been given a look by the Celtics -- could he end up back with his former Clippers running mate, Corey Maggette? There is a good piece at the Blazers Edge on the cap ramifications for the Blazers should Miles make a comeback. Currently he is classified as having a career-ending injury and as such does not hit the Blazers' cap -- if he comes back and plays enough games, a whole different story.
  • Rose vs Beasley -- it's on. Remember the Oden vs Durant hype?
  • I was interviewed over at the Cleveland.com And One blog about the situation with Aussie hoops and the demise of the Sydney Kings. Thanks C!
  • Apparently there is more than one Josh in Atlanta that is a popular commodity on the free agent market.
  • Why trashy mags shouldn't interview NBA stars -- basically an interview about nothing.

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