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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Today's warnings : 23 July, 2008

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Circum-navigating the world wide web quicker than you can say Sarunas Marciulionis, it's today's warnings:


  • Truehoop: analysing the potential homophobia in a new Nike advertising campaign.
  • Ball Don't Lie: Skeets never stops bringing the bargains at ya! How about some champagne that may have possibly, by chance, speculatively come from the Chicago Bulls 1997 Championship locker room?
  • Basketbawful: continuing to bring you some of the worst of the NBA, in a good way...
  • Brewhoop: a final wrap up on the Bucks' Summer League activities.
  • And One: LeBron's injured his ankle, but it's not serious, or it could be, but it's probably not. Sehr gut.
  • Cuzoogle: some great photoshop work on some new NBA movie titles not coming to the an NBA retailer near you.
  • John Rillie: addressing probably the hottest topic in Australian NBL basketball right now, regarding the new franchise the Sydney Spirit (or whatever they're to be called after the Bendigo Spirit have had their crack at the name). It's a hard job trying to convince the public that a new franchise has been born when they are essentially in the same location as their forefathers (the Razorbacks) and have mostly the same squad (bar one big name signing). The new OKC team is in a similar situation, albeit they have actually moved to another city. From what I'm hearing on the Ozhoops Boards amongst some of the keener fans, it will be very hard to draw fans across from the old Sydney Kings fold, as it will be difficult to ascertain which Razorbacks fans classify this as a new franchise and which are clinging to the former team's history. Time will tell...
  • SportsVideoGames: KG on the cover of NBA 2K9.


  • OKC: a suggestion on the mascot for the new team.
  • China: Yao Ming isn't scared of anyone. "I am very sure we can beat Angola. We lost to them in Hangzhou, but we were not in our best shape last week," he said. "Their players are not very competitive, and I don't think they are able to pose us any real threat at the Games.
    "We are not afraid of Germany either. Yi Jianlian has improved tremendously after playing one season in the NBA and he can limit Nowitzki. And I can take care of Chris Kaman."
  • Golden State: Marcus Williams is a Warrior. They're not necessarily looking as good as last year, but certainly younger and with some solid foundations. Out with Baron, Pietrus and Barnes and in with Turiaf, Williams and Maggette. They won't be a playoff team, but we knew that already.
  • Matt Geiger: people are being nasty to poor little Matt and not buying his house for the $21m price they promised. Maybe Latrell Sprewell can give him some tips on feeding his kids in the meantime.

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