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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Blogscar Nominations Ballot

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Further to the original post on this, here are the ...a stern warning nominations for Blogscars in some of the categories offered.

Best NBA Video Blogger - NESW Sports: Ethan just keeps on bringing out some of the hardest to find old clips, especially ads.
Best NFL Video Blogger - Can't comment on this one.
Best MLB Video Blogger - MouthPieceSports.com: totally on the strength of this video about the Cubs, with music by Eddie Vedder. This comes back to my Pearl Jam bias. I should point out that I only found this video through NESW Sports too.
Best “Other Sport” Video Blogger - JR, On Fire: it's not really another sport, but technically it's not for NBA, but rather NBL that we find the strength of the original content that JR comes up with on a regular basis.
Best New Sports Video Blogger - World Hoops Blog: Paulie Danger has his fair share of video content incorporated into his hoops blog, which has been growing consistently since it's start not long ago.
Best Self Made Sports Video Blogger - No comment here.
Best “Hard to Find” Sports Video Blogger - NESW Sports: Ethan hands down always finds the best stuff that you can't find.
Funniest Sports Video Blogger - No comment here.
Best Sports Video of the year - To tough to call for me.
Funniest Sports Video of the year - Having the memory of a goldfish doesn't help here, but I will go for this one where Charles Barkley meets Barney the dinosaur.
Best Sports Video Blog of the year - NESW Sports, hands down.

Get voting, people!

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