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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Shaq Video Interview : On Kobe, Legacy & Dancing

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This is a great video interview with Shaquille O'Neal, courtesy of ESPN. As always, you have to admire Shaq's confidence, openness and ability to interact with the media. The guy is just a reporter's dream. Here he talks about his relationship with Kobe during the Laker years and the fact that those titles might not have come without all of the friction; he talks about his legacy after basketball; he calls himself the Best Big Man Dancer In The World (hard to argue with); and he says that he called Kobe immediately after that "tell me how my a$$ tastes" rap and apologised and Kobe understood.  It is clear that he respects  Bryant a lot now and that everything in the past is water under the bridge. This may be a mellowed Shaq, but he's still 320lbs of fun!

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