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Friday, 3 October 2008

NBL Round 3 : Blowout Round

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So far Round 3 of National Basketball League action has been all about the art of the blowout. The round started with the Wildcats showing some 13 point home hospitality. The Breakers then welcomed the 36ers to the land of the long white cloud with a 38 point drubbing. The Dragons then paid a visit to the Hammer with a 17 point win.

Then last night the Tigers made much easier work of the Taipans than most would have expected, knocking them off by 24 points.

Tomorrow the Dragons visit the Hawks. The home team from the 'Gong will be looking for a stronger performance from Kavossy Franklin than they got in Perth a couple of days ago. One thing about the Hawks is they know how to fight. I would not be surprised to see an upset win from them here. Look for Glen Saville to defend his home court and Cam Tragardh to step it up. NBL official preview.

A Stern Prediction: Hawks by 5

The Crocs welcome the Wildcats to the not-so-welcoming Swamp. Look out for a JR explosion, backed up by the still recovering Rosell Ellis (the Love Doctor). The Cats are looking strong lately, as are the Crocs, so this should be a great match. Check out John Rillie's preview of the match, including some milestones that will be reached. NBL official preview.

A Stern Prediction: Crocs by 3

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