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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Today's Warnings : 15 October, 2008

A Stern Warning has a brand new site!! Click the logo or go to http://www.asternwarning.com

There are big changes afoot at ...a stern warning. The site will be unrecognisable shortly and it's going to be Grrrreat like Frosties. In the meantime, there hasn't been a lot of activity here on the surface of things -- but look out.
Great articles are floating around out there in the waters of the NBA pre-season at the moment; here's a taste:
  • One of the most comprehensive reviews you will find on the newly released NBA 2K9 video game, can be found at Sports Video Games. Competition has certainly hotted up this year in the NBA video games arena, as both 2K and EA have brought their 'A' games to the table, finally.
  • The next baller we all need to look out for is John Wall. See World Hoops Blog for video.
  • The Rip City Project speaks to Cleveland's And One about the Blazers vs Cavs. Carolyn wants to steal Oden away -- it ain't gonna happen, C!
  • A mention from fellow Fantasy NBA combatant, Give Me The Rock, about our firey tournament which is up and running!
  • Meanwhile, JR and his mates have another tournament up and running, which ...a stern warning will be represented at.
  • Great video here at NESW Sports of Kevin KJ Johnson bringing in the Round Mound to support his political campaign.

    More injury woes for the Townsville Crocs. They just can't get a break in that department.

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