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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Today's Warnings : 2 October, 2008 (NBA Edition)

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Media Day for teams around the league seemed like the eruption of news that was needed to wake everyone up from their post-Olympic induced slumber. Here are Today's NBA Warnings:
  • Dan Dickau, after parting ways with his Italian club (Air Avellino) this week, has fallen on his feet with the Golden State Warriors. After Monta Ellis' scooter mishap, there was room in Don Nelson's backcourt for a veteran backup point guard. "I think it's a good situation," Dickau said. "Obviously coming in late is going to make it tougher for me. I was in a situation overseas that wasn't working out. Fortunately we were able to make this happen. We're here and looking forward to making the most of it."
  • An impressive list of 111 players with D-League experience are on training camp rosters this season, which must make the NBA happy that their feeder system is working well. In addition, 72 CBA alumni are on training camp rosters, including both players and coaching staff.
  • Former NBA star, Kermit Washington, who is perhaps best remembered for "the punch" on Rudy Tomjanovich, is doing some fantastic work to highlight the plight of starving people in Africa. He is fasting for five days to bring a spotlight to the cause.
  • LeBron is fed up of the rumours that he will move to a team in the New York area upon the completion of his current contract in Cleveland. He came out on Media Day to try and quell the talk.
  • The CelticsBlog previews the Boston Celtics for 2008/09, in the first of a series of Blogger Previews coming in your direction.
  • Josh Boone wants to make a bigger contribution for the Nets this season. "That's one of the things that's been a downfall for me -- for pretty much five or six years now: my confidence level," he said, essentially repeating what his college coach, Jim Calhoun, had observed when Boone was drafted out of UConn in 2006.
  • Hoopsvibe's Oly Sandor thinks that Shawn Kemp should accept that this is the end of his basketball career, after parting ways with his Italian club.
  • TheSportingNews: Shoals gets a little emotional about how the New York Knicks and Miami Heat are changing and moving on.
  • Carolyn at And One tells us that Cleveland fans may have some problems using the Flash ticketing system from now on after a judge's ruling.
  • A great series of Spurs commerical videos over at NESW Sports, including this hilarious Manu Ginobili advert.
  • Speaking of the Spurs, Brandon at Ballerblogger remembers David Robinson's amazing 71 point effort (including video).

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