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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Today's Warnings : 8 October, 2008 (from the blogs)

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Whilst other things are taking up time in the world of ...a stern warning, here's what you should be reading up on:

  • And One has the news on everyone's favourite Cleveland Cav (no, not LeBron) and the likely starting lineups for the Cavs' first pre-season game versus the Raptors.
  • Paulie D at World Hoops Blog tells us that Starbury is still a team player (yes, denote sarcasm whenever Marbury is mentioned).
  • NESW Sports has plenty of links and some comic relief.
  • JR is deadset "On Fire" in this clip, provided by the Basketball Professor, Dodge Taylor. Meanwhile, Signor Rillie has just released Episode 5 of The "OT" Podcast.
  • Happy Birthday for yesterday to DJ Leon Smith.
  • Skeets at Ball Don't Lie has a photo of former Adelaide 36er, Julius Hodge, icing it up. He's currently on the NBA Live Europe tour, which I'm excited to say, means I'll be watching him live on Saturday here in London vs Miami Heat.
  • Ballerblogger shows Shaq scoring 53 points... do you remember that Shaquille O'Neal?

On a final NBL note, the Tigers host the Wildcats tonight. This should be a real battle of the titans, but I'm Sternly Predicting that the Tigers will be too strong at the SNAHC and will come out 8 point (Isiah) victors, with no Paul Rogers around to stop Mr Anstey.

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