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Friday, 1 August 2008

Today's warnings : 1 August, 2008

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Olympic preparations are in full swing as the most famous basketball referee in the world is going behind bars. Here are today's warnings:
  • Tim Donaghy doesn't want to talk to the NBA any more.
  • John Rillie has a recap of Australia's last second victory over Angola in the Diamond Ball, along with his usual array of news. On watching the game, it looks like both teams may well surprise some nations come Olympics time.
  • In Portland, OR newspaper news, there was a little he-said-she-said going on between John Canzano (the Oregonian) and Dwight Jaynes (Portland Tribune) this past week. It all stemmed back to Jaynes putting the heat on Portland GM Kevin Pritchard's negative comments regarding the potential for comeback of Darius Miles, after his career-ending knee injury. Jaynes claimed that Pritchard's comments may have breached a Federal law regarding medical rights of employees. Canzano claimed that Jaynes' comments were baseless are far too emotional. Jaynes felt it necessary to write a blog post in response and overall, readers were left with some fairly unprofessional, petty journalism between the two of them. Well, now Jaynes has lost his job as Editor of the Portland Tribune. Coincidence? Who cares really...?
  • Are Greg Oden, LaMarcus Aldridge and Brandon Roy one of the top Big Threes in the league? This analysis says they are.
  • Watching USA v Turkey in the Diamond Ball today, ESPN's Fran Fraschilla gave us his projected 2012 Team USA mens' basketball team. I had to check online to verify that I read on screen what I thought I read and SLAM's Lang Whitaker came to my rescue in his game notes. Most of Fran's predictions seemed pretty safe, sensible even. LeBron, CP3, Deron, Wade, Roy, Durant, Horford, Oden, Dwight Howard, Al Jefferson. I can even buy Kevin Martin. Then he got to Rodney Stuckey... that is one BIG call. I note no mention of Chris Bosh or Carmelo Anthony. Am I the only one who sees Melo's career dropping off a little or at least stagnating a bit? He just never seems like he'll keep up with the Jameses of this league. And it seems that his whole obsession with being 'gangsta' is part of it.
  • OKC got themselves a D-League team: the Tulsa 66ers.
  • Synergy Sports Technology, the team behind the newest NBA Live updates, continues to enhance the NBA and its teams.
  • Louis Williams has signed on for five years with the Sixers.

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