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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Today's Warnings : 27 August, 2008

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Without further ado, here are your warnings for today:

  • Move over Boom Dizzle, the Spanish Fly is in the house, say the Hoop Doctors. Some great videos there comparing Baron Davis with Ricky Rubio, though I think some may have issue with that nickname... is Rudy Fernandez known as the Spanish Fly?
  • A great roundup of Aussie basketball news and some Spanish Fly-swatting (or grabbing) imagery from JR.
  • The greatest athlete Phil Jackson has ever coached? MJ? Kobe? No, Dennis Rodman. I really can't argue with that. The guy was amazing.
  • Well-known Chicago reporter Jay Mariotti has left the Sun-Times. Where he goes, nobody knows.
  • Jeff Foster, Indiana Pacers' "glue guy."
  • And One has been going Lego Crazy lately. I have to admit, I have an Antoine Walker lego man and he's much more flexible and much more reliable from long-range than the real one.
  • Suggestions on how the new OKC NBA entry can build a rapport with the local fans, including bringing former NBA power forward and renowned jazz musician, Wayman Tisdale in. Sadly, Tisdale lost a leg yesterday during his fight with cancer. He has been very positive about the whole experience, voiced on his website.
  • Preparing for your fantasy NBA draft already? Well don't put these guys too high on your list.
  • Celtics Blog is happy with the future. The children are our future.

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