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Monday, 25 August 2008

Today's Warnings : 25 August, 2008

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The Olympics are over and now the main focus falls back onto the preparation for the club seasons around the world. Pre-season games have commenced in Australia, many major signings are occuring across the European leagues and there are rumours floating around the NBA. Here's a sample of today's warnings:

  • The Memphis Edge reports a rumour that a trade may be in the works to send Travis Outlaw to Memphis in order to snare a pure point guard for the Blazers. That PG would presumably be Greg Oden's buddy, Mike Conley Jr or Kyle Lowry. I could only see Kevin Pritchard looking to get Conley Jr if he were to give up Outlaw. In fact, I doubt that he would want to give up Outlaw full stop, given the promise he is showing. It will be very interesting to see if this tale has any tail.
  • Sports Business Daily reveals the NBA's continued march into China, with a "multiyear strategic marketing partnership set to feature TV and online campaigns aimed at growing China’s audience for basketball," signed with top Chinese beer Tsingtao. The same article points out that this sponsorship is but one of many that the NBA has signed in China.
  • The Oregonian gives their final Olympic impressions of Rudy Fernandez and that dunk on Dwight Howard.
  • Ball Don't Lie: does Rod Benson inhibit his chances of breaking into the NBA by being a blogger? It's an interesting question in this age where more and more players/owners are blogging..... and doing reality TV shows.
  • Truehoop: sad news of the loss of life of a number of junior basketballers.
  • CMNetwork blog: Five nice Latino dunks.

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