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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Today's warnings : 2 August, 2008

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Today's warnings are coming at you on a team-by-team basis, the first ten teams alphabetically today...

Hotlanta: excitement machine James White has been trialling with the Hawks.
Titletown: Celtics to hold training camp in Newport.
Charlotte: obscure reference to the Bobcats.
The Windy City: someone thinks that Ben Gordon has a big head.
Cleveland: LeBron's Olympic guarantee has resonated outside the USA. By the way, did he ever get around to researching the Darfur issue that he refused to sign Ira Newble's petition on? This is not sarcasm, I seriously would like to know.
Dallas: Josh Howard, speed racer.
Mile High: Interesting point in Truehoop's bullets about why Avery Johnson is perfect for Denver.
Detroit: Dave Bing, role model.
Bay Area: Biedrins is looking forward to having fun.
Houston: Scola instrumental in Argentina's 19 point comeback over Australia.

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