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Friday, 15 August 2008

Vincent goes a bit Askew

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Remember Vincent Askew? Teammate of the Reignman during the good old days when everything was merry in the world of the Seattle Supersonics? Well, it turns out Mr Askew would like to turn back time as well, way back to when he was 16.

Askew has been arrested on charges of sleeping with a 16-year old girl, according to ESPN.

Askew played for eight NBA teams in nine seasons. Police said he approached the victim three months ago and told her that he was recruiting players for a Miami-Dade County prep school. Authorities said the 43-year-old and the teen later met at a hotel and had sex.

Askew was trying to get a coaching job at the school, police said.

It seems he was trying to get a bit too intimate a knowledge of the players he would be coaching.

It's not known whether he has an attorney.

Sounds like he'll need one...

1 comment:

PaulieDanger said...

I knew I recognized that damn name. I couldn't get past the View Askew (Kevin Smith's production company).