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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Today's Warnings : 26 August, 2008

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Coming at you like a Rudy Fernandez dunk, here are Today's Warnings (with a distinctly Aussie flavour):

  • We've already mentioned the Rod Benson article on how his blogging may be affecting his shot at making an NBA roster. Australian pro player John Rillie weighs in with his thoughts on being a blogger-player and how the NBL could embrace this to promote the game. Any basketball fan in Australia knows that the NBL needs as much promotion as it can get. It's the biggest identified problem in the league according to most fans.
  • Speaking of improving the league, if you're an Aussie basketball fan, complete this survey that a research student at RMIT is completing on fixing the NBL and ball in Oz.
  • Patrick Mills squarely in the sights of the NBA's radar.
  • Following on from yesterday's 5 top Latino dunks, here are the 5 worst dunks in NBA dunk comp history.
  • I don't think Charles Barkley should be commenting on anyone's golf game, but he does here with MJ.
  • Stories about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from Basketbawful, including the fact that the legend may be a bit short on cash.
  • Hardwood Paroxysm discusses the "what were you thinking??" type decision that the Suns made in dealing the very promising DJ Strawberry.

Late Update: very sad news has come to light, with the passing of Kevin Duckworth, aged 44. Big KD was an underrated player for a two-time all-star and part of the Blazers at my favourite ever time to be an NBA fan. Rest in peace big fella.

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