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Monday, 11 August 2008

Today's warnings : 11 August, 2008

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Today is the chance to shine for the Womens Olympic Basketball teams. We are less than 30 minutes away from the commencement of Australia v Brazil, as the Aussies try to remove the taste from their mouths of the Men's loss to Croatia yesterday. Here's what's going on around the basketball wide web:
  • Ryan at Hoops Addict continues with their successful Floor Burn Tournament. Get your votes in for Round 2.
  • In echoes of yesterday's Men's, the USA ladies easily accounted for China 108-63, behind 27 points from Tina Thompson and a Lisa Leslie double-double (boxscore).
  • In tomorrow's must-see Men's matches, host China takes on favourites Spain, Croatia and Russia should be evenly matched and Argentina vs Australia is a must-win for both teams (full schedule).
  • JR, On Fire brings to light an unknown Aussie who might not stay unknown for too long -- Angus Brandt. He's hitting a US court near you.
  • TheHive produced a very impressive Team USA preview piece the other day which pits American players against their nearest rivals. I enjoyed the LeBron James vs Mark Worthington match-up, as whilst they are players in different stratospheres, I can see the similarities that are being compared here. Wortho looked like he enjoyed guarding LBJ in the AUS v USA warmup match last week too.
  • Basketbawful visits Larry Bird's Summer Home for a BBQ -- and it sounds nice.
  • And One goes book hunting and finds some old treasures.
  • WorldHoopsBlog asks whether we are seeing a shift in sports society, where basketball becomes bigger than football (soccer)?
  • Basketball is one sport that certainly embraces all people, regardless of disabilities. As a result, all basketball fans should be interested when this type of question is raised: where is the borderline between a funny movie and taking it too far?

Good luck, whoever you're supporting at the Olympics!

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