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Friday, 22 August 2008

Today's Warnings : 22 August, 2008

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A few foil-wrapped randomly inserted in 1:10,000 packs of news today, from different parts of this roundball we call Earth:

  • NBL: Ebi Ere of the South Dragons has given coach Brian Goorjian his second piece of bad news for the week (after the Boomers lost to Team USA), with his apparent non-return to the NBL next season. Ere has impressed with the Memphis Grizzlies and appears to have stuck on their roster for training camp, after previous stints on the fringes of the NBA. One of the most unstoppable scorers the NBL has ever seen, he will be sorely missed by the Dragons. He put up one of the most electrifying performances I have had the good fortune to see in person, when he took the 2004 title from the clutches of the West Sydney Razorbacks in Game 5 and set the Sydney Kings fans alight (see below). John Rillie I'm sure still shudders when watching this one. Footage of Ere's replacement here.
  • NBA: Skeets at BDL enjoyed our Eddy Curry gymnast story and has a great little related photoshop competition going -- get involved!
  • Olympics: Highly anticipated match USA v Argentina is in progress right now -- get involved in the always-fun live blog. Truehoop also has some great pre-game points.
  • Olympics: There are some female athletes that even straight men don't want to see stripping off.
  • Olympics: Spain is off to the Men's Gold Medal game vs _______ after beating Lithuania in a tough one.

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