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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Competitions... Competitions... Competitions

A Stern Warning has a brand new site!! Click the logo or go to http://www.asternwarning.com

It has been a little while coming, but what you are looking at above is the winner of ...a stern warning's competition to find a better logo for the OKC Thunder. The announcement of the winner has been a little delayed due to my having to sift through the thousands of entries that were received from all over the planet.

The designer of this simple yet effective masterpiece is Ethan aka The Ethanator over at NESW Sports. Who better than E himself to describe the vision behind the work of art?

"All of the factors are there. You have the OK sign. You have the “C”. You also have Thunder in the background. So I will be expecting this on some throwback jerseys in about 25 years."

What does Ethan win? Well... a big pat on the back from Mr Stern. That's what.

Caption Competition

Here's one for fans of Australian basketball in particular, but it really only needs a bit of creativity to come up with a response on this one and you could win a nice prize from JR, On Fire. Check it out and come out with a better caption than the one I fabricated.

Battle of the Bloggers : Fantasy NBA

The rivalry is hotting up as the tenth and final spot has just been filled in the Battle of the Bloggers Fantasy NBA tournament. We are 11 days away from draft day, so further updates (including a list of all the entrants) will be forthcoming in the countdown to game day. Bring it on!!

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