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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Today's Warnings : 6 September, 2008

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Pretty much everyone not named Ben Gordon has got a team to report to now and players are starting to filter into their practice facilities for the lead up to training camp. Here are Today's Warnings, from Brisbane to Boston:

  • The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The current recessionary climate we're in has hit house prices everywhere. NBA stars with multi-million dollar houses are not immune to this either, with both AI and Sheed having to cut the asking prices on their former residences which are for sale in Philly and Oregon, respectively.
  • The bad boys from Kansas, who apparently have never touched weed in their lives, were fined $20k and will still potentially face suspensions.
  • The World Hoops Blog is celebrating and has created the inaugural All World (Hoops Blog) Team. I don't think JR is happy sitting on that bench behind Kobe. I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't mess with Lauren Jackson though - I know Lisa Leslie wouldn't.
  • Brandon at Ballerblogger is questioning all of the Rudy Fernandez love and wonders if Nate McMillan is gushing a little too much about the wiry Spaniard. I think it was Henry Abbott that pointed out a week ago or so, that Nate Dogg had the same praise for Taurean Green at the start of his rookie season, the same rookie season that saw Green get splinters in his rear before getting traded, never having experienced much more than the D-League.
  • Anniversary celebrations are going on like crazy everywhere. JR, On Fire is getting over the hangover from the first birthday celebrations at his blog... and he's got a lot of stuff for you to read, including an exclusive video interview with Homicide, street baller extraordinaire.
  • Chicago Bulls fans, watch this space. I'll report tomorrow on the Great Britain v Czech Republic basketball match that I will be attending today at London's O2 Arena. The British fans will be thrilled to see Luol Deng in the Team GB colours.
  • Hall of Fame inductee, Adrian Dantley. A quiet achiever and a helluva scorer.
  • Kevin Johnson always seemed to be one of the genuine nice guys of the NBA and by most accounts was a very honest reliable guy. I remember reports that referees would look to KJ to decide which way to make a call sometimes when they were unsure. On that basis, I sincerely hope that these reports are false about wrongdoing at a camp he conducted.

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