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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Phoenix Powered by the Sun : Solar Power at US Airways Center

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The Phoenix Suns have seen the future of energy usage and it's solar. The Suns today announced a program to use solar panels to power the US Airways Center.

Professional sports teams are often seen as operating in a different stratosphere to the rest of us -- a world dominated by ridiculous amounts of money, with little regard for anything else outside of it. But every so often, the NBA shows that it cares.

Aid operations by players in New Orleans during and after the Hurricane Katrina crisis, Basketball Without Borders journeys and now the Suns switching to renewable energy through the use of solar power. Apparently the main push behind the project was the environmentally-conscious star of the Suns, Steve Nash.

"He is the ultimate green boy," Suns spokeswoman Jamie Morris said.
Nash is reportedly also installing solar panels at his home.

The system is expected to be operational in 2009 and has the Suns very excited:

"We expect the solar technology to reduce the traditional power usage for a portion of the center's Casino Arizona Pavilion load by about 25 percent or the equivalent of 26 Suns home games each season," said Kerr. "This demonstrates our ongoing commitment to promote and implement environmentally friendly initiatives that have a positive impact on everyone who follows the Suns or visits US Airways Center."

And doesn't the Suns using the sun make for great headlines.

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