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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Today's Warnings : 30 September, 2008 (NBA edition)

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Heading around the NBA, here are Today's Warnings:

  • Hoopsworld: Things already aren't sounding very rosy in Denver, where Allen Iverson is doing his best to spin the company line in one breath and in the next is talking about his impending free agency next summer and how he can decide where he wants to go. It's going to be a long season in Nuggetsville, methinks.
  • Lamar Odom does not like any talk of him coming off the bench this season in LA. "He must have woke up and bumped his head. He probably hit his head on something -- boom," Odom said about Jackson. "To start off like that, you've got to be out of your . . . mind."
  • Ben Gordon's contract status with the Bulls is still up in the air. However, after an off-season of uncertainty and European-innuendo, it appears that he will be staying in Chicago. With few other options, he will take the $6.4m qualifying offer and look at his options again at the end of the season. However, until that contract is signed, he won't be on the Bulls practice court.
  • About.com's Dennis Velasco has all of your fantasy NBA rankings ready to go, as it's time to get your draft preparation hat on. Speaking of Dennis V and fantasy basketball, the Battle of the Bloggers fantasy tournament will be taking place this season. We've started putting together a tournament on Yahoo's Fantasy NBA portal and a fine group of nine basketball bloggers have come together for it. We just need one more basketball blogger entrant to tip things off, so if you're interested in showing your fantasy wares, let me know. More on the Battle of the Bloggers will be forthcoming.
  • Auctions are almost coming to an end on the NBA's listing of game-worn Olympic gear. So if you have a spare $4k lying around you could wear the sweaty jersey that Kobe beat the Spanish in. Or perhaps Diana Turasi's jersey is more your scene... check it out on here on the NBA's official auction site.
  • The Portland Trail Blazers have had plenty going on with Media Day. You can check out chat and video with all of the Blazer players here on the official site. Around the 29 minute mark we get to see Jerryd Bayless, the rookie who dominated Summer League. He strikes me as the hardest to judge character in the league at the moment. He oozes confidence. Is it cockiness, unfounded self-assurance, or does he just know that he can back up that swagger with his game. According to Bayless during the chat session, he is just misunderstood. The Blazersedge had a nice comedy on Bayless addressing the media.

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