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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Today's Warnings : 9 September, 2008

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As we work our way through the off-season, here are Today's Warnings. Also look out over the coming days for a preview feature on the upcoming NBL season and a review on the Great Britain v Czech Republic game I attended on Saturday. ...a stern warning hasn't been updated as much as I'd like lately, but plane travel and all that will do that to you.

  • The fundamental of basketball, the ball, has been a bit of an issue in the NBA in the last couple of years. Many players were not happy with being sprung with a new ball at the commencement of the 2006-07 season and the NBA responded by replacing the ball with the old one, mid-season. Then the D-League became a guinea-pig arena, not just for players, but for game balls. The NBA tested three different composite balls last year in the D-League, with a view to finding the right one for the big boys. Now, the NBA has decided to stick with the leather ball and let the D-Leaguers use what their big brothers play with. Experiment over. For now.
  • Apparently the odds-makers are warming a little more to the Toronto Raptors' chances this season.
  • Paul at WHB gives his ideas on how to blog to your audience. Based on my experience in this game, he's got some very solid opinions there; worth reading.
  • The other day John Rillie was dishing the dirt on his teammates (Homicide copped it for his driving) and now it appears not even his ex-teammates are safe as JR tells us that Greg Vanderjagt's hands are like feet. Well I hope he has toes that are capable of catching caroms off all of those Pero Cameron and Shane Heal three-pointers he's walked into at the Gold Coast.
  • You may have read articles in the past about NBA ballers who rap/sing/howl. Well this one is the best one you will ever read. DJ Leon Smith, the former editor of my favourite all-time (now defunct) basketball newspaper in PBT, breaks down all of the NBA ballers of the past, complete with clips of their work. How many DJs do you know who are also NBA aficionados? Exactly.
  • Some nice semi-old school Dallas Mavs jerseys here at Upside & Motor.
  • Video of 1995 NBA bloopers from the Ethanator.
  • Kobe has decided to get his hand operated on before the NBA season tips off. You always have to wonder how these things take so long to be spotted and acted on. Then again, Bryant was involved in a little tournament called the Olympics this Summer.
  • Meanwhile, I've been trying to avoid talking about the fact that ANOTHER Portland Trail Blazer is undergoing surgery this off-season, as bone spurs are removed from Channing Frye's ankle. I mean, is that it? Can we relax now?

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