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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Jayson Williams : racial slurs to be investigated

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The court room trials of former New Jersey Net and Philadelphia 76er, Jayson Williams, are not over. The lastest instalment in the tragic sequence of events sees his legal team gaining court approval to investigate the fact that an investigator on his case used a racial slur to describe the former NBA power forward.

Williams was originally involved in the death of Costas "Gus" Christofi, 55, a driver who was hired to drive Williams' NBA charity team. Reports allege that Williams accidentally discharged a firearm whilst at his large property, which killed Christofi. Williams was ultimately charged with covering up the killing (along with other members of the charity team who were in attendance) and he currently is involved in a retrial on the charge of reckless manslaughter. This is where the evidence of racial slurs may come in to assist his legal team on the basis of an unfair investigation.

Williams has previously attempted to make an NBA comeback, after originally retiring from the NBA in 1999 with injuries. However his CBA stint did not end with the double-figure rebounder making it back into the league.

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BballScientist said...

This isn't a spam comment.

I actually know Jayson and he is a sincerely terrific guy. Its hard to believe with this murder thing but when I was a kid Jayson always was the nicest guy to me.

The person who I knew Jayson through...He was one of Jayson's best friends and also a business partner, He was invited on that unfortunate night to attend the Globetrotter game but he couldn't make it. Thank god for him.

mookie said...

Hey, thanks for your comment.

Jayson always seemed like a great guy in the NBA -- a real joker. It sounds like a really tragic set of events unfolded and we all react differently under stressful circumstances.

A sad situation for all.