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Friday, 12 September 2008

Today's Warnings : 12 September, 2008 -- The Sequel!

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There's so much out there at the moment, particularly from the Australian perspective of things, with the NBL season almost upon us, so I had to post some more Warnings today than usual. Also look out later for Part 2 of ...a stern warning's NBL Season Previews.

  • Brendan Joyce wants a higher salary cap in the NBL.
  • Patty Mills is back to the grind in at St Mary's after his fine Olympics performance.
  • They're looking to do big things in New Zealand. Wait til the Breakers read our prediction on their success this season!
  • CJ Bruton, NEW New Zealand Breaker.
  • Andrej Lemanis on this season's NBL: "It's going to be a tough league," he said.
    "One of the things that's very evident is how deep everybody runs now.
    "Everyone has a really good starting five and they come off the bench and you think, oh, they've still got that guy and, gee, he's pretty good."
  • NESW Sports has the list of the nicest bloggers out there. Oh shucks. But Ethan, I think you may have left yourself off that list.
  • Torey Thomas wait is on.

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