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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Doug & Jackie Christie : Charitable People (and Today's Bonus Warnings)

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By now everyone knows about the financial crisis going on in the business end of town. You may care about it, you may not, but you've heard about it.

What you may not have heard about, is that Doug and Jackie Christie have been doing everything in their power to avert the crisis. To the tune of $9,000 USD.

Wow, that's a lot of money. If you're not a retired NBA player with a similarly famous wife, it is.

Perhaps I'm being cynical, perhaps it's the self-promoting nature of this couple in the past, but this news didn't leave me immediately with a warm and fuzzy feeling, as perhaps it was meant to.

"NBA star Doug Christie and his wife, Jackie, announce that they will purchase 3,000 shares of corporate stock to help with the AIG financial crisis. The Christies, who are no strangers to helping people in need, have graciously used their star appeal to bring awareness to the issue."

"We encourage all our fellow men and woman to buy at least two stocks to help with the global economic crisis," said Jackie Christie. "We want everyone to step up and help in any way that they can. This is a huge crisis we face, but together we can make a difference. Do not just sit by and watch."

As I say, perhaps I'm just being cynical and inherently, this is a good idea. It's more a matter of once bitten twice shy (or the boy who cried wolf) when it comes to some celebrities trying to look wholesome, when meanwhile they have recently released another book which they would like to sell.

Today's Bonus Warnings

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* You may have heard that Gilbert Arenas is getting surgery again. Yep. I loved this quote from the Examiner: "Grunfeld did note Arenas will be put on ice therapy immediately, which sounds like a fancy way of saying NBA Live '09 on a comfortable couch..."

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