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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Today's Warnings: 28 September, 2008 (from the blogs)

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Today's Warnings are coming in a new format. The idea being to give some love to the blogs which keep me going on a daily basis with their great content, provided by even better people. There will just be a few today, but this will be a regular feature to highlight the great work of some of my friends out there in the blogosphere:
  • John Rillie just keeps on upping the ante on his blog, as he now is covering a meaty array of NBL and NBA links -- all with that unique perspective of being a pro player himself. As mentioned in his most recent podcast (check it out if you haven't), the Australian basketball landscape has found a way to promote itself, and the majority of that promotion is now coming from fans, players and former players. Whilst Fox hasn't come to the table in the same way as we've seen in previous years, JR has his podcasts going, Hoops TV has some great weekly youtube action going and Andrew Gaze's http://www.gaze.com.au/ is putting together some weekly footage with Drewey and Hoges on camera. Derek Nielsen's Ozhoopsboards.com remains a great forum for the fans, with a massive following, showing that basketball is well and truly alive. Add to that the bloggers out there that are promoting the league and we have the new generation of media content for the NBL. The NBL site itself, http://www.nbl.com.au/ has copped some flak in recent times, however it has improved significantly and must be given credit for that.
  • Carolyn at And One has to be the best NBA historian blogger getting around at the moment. She keeps on digging up juicy pieces of basketball history, that in my opinion, should be getting her a call from the NBA's archive department at some point. Check out this post where she finds some old basketball amusement machines from over half a century ago.
  • World Hoops Blog has had a facelift recently and is looking a million dollars/euros/pounds/pesos. Paulie D (the man who never sleeps) has the news that Danilo Gallinari will miss more time than first thought for the Knicks -- as if there aren't enough problems with that team.
  • As I have said on more than one occasion here, Ethan at NESW Sports brings the best sports videos out there right to your eyes, with a minimum of effort on your part (which is great for people such as myself). Whilst I'm mainly a fan of the basketball videos, he covers all sports and updates frequently, so check out the site for a daily video fix.

  • That's all for today. But, as I say, the warnings will keep on coming on a daily basis.


    Paul Miles said...

    Just an update, I got an email from Stephon Marbury. He wanted to know why I wasn't talking about him....all the time.

    mookie said...

    Poor Steph... he needs more love... from EVERYONE.

    He and Arenas should get a room together.