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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

One of the best jobs in the world

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EA Sports has given an Orlando man possibly the best job in the world. He is being paid to watch NFL games all season long. Every single game.

Why are they doing this? This is part of EA's commitment to making their games as realistic as possible. They need people to monitor the real NFL games in progress to ensure that their Madden counterparts are on par with reality.

From where I'm sitting, that is one of the best jobs you can get -- outside of playing professional sports yourself. In short, what I'm saying is, if EA needs someone to watch every NBA game this season to keep up to date with their NBA Live franchise, my hand is squarely up in the air for that one. After all, with the launch of NBA 365, they certainly will need to ensure that their players are up to date. EA's Peter Moore, my email is on the right!

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