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Friday, 12 September 2008

NBL : It's Game Time!

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The NBL season is here

A firey matchup is likely ensue tomorrow (13th Sept) as the NBL tips off with the Cairns Taipans v South Dragons. I'll keep a log of my predictions here on the site, so that I can be named and shamed when they are shown as awfully wrong as the season progresses. NBL official match preview here.

A Stern Prediction: Dragons by 3 on the road.

On Sunday, 14th Sept, the Sydney Spirit are visited by the Melbourne Tigers. Whilst this does not have the same punch as Sydney v Melbourne used to, it would be great to see a large crowd at the game. NBL official match preview here.

A Stern Prediction: Tigers by 12 on the road.

Other bits and pieces

Check out the first entertaining instalment in John Rillie's podcasting adventures.

Part 1 and Part 2 of the ...a stern warning NBL season previews are there for the criticising. The final part will be up tomorrow.

Do you remember British Knights shoes?

Shawn Kemp is in Italy now and he likes the sea.

New Dragon Adam Gibson is shamed by WHB's fashion police.

Hey kids, do you like Facebook and Luke Martin? Well then join the group to get the NBL to let him back into the league.

Should Coach K be leading an NBA team?

Keep up with the latest on NBA 2K9 here.

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