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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Fake Kenny Anderson cons Long Beach residents

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A man by the name of Michael Anderson has been arrested on charges of conning Long Beach passers by, saying that he was former NBA star Kenny Anderson.

Michael A, who as far as can be gathered, is no relation to Kenny A, would say that he locked his keys in his car and ask for a ride to a locksmith. At that point he would also ask to borrow money to pay the locksmith and never be seen again.

"Anderson was charged with second-degree scheme to defraud, two counts of third-degree identity theft and three counts of petit larceny. He was to be arraigned Tuesday in Long Beach City Court."

I guess there aren't a lot of hardcore basketball fans around Long Beach, or this guy really does look like the former Georgia Tech and New Jersey Nets star.

Meanwhile, officers are on the look out for a man by the name of Antoine Walker, suspected of impersonating a professional basketball player.

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