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Friday, 12 September 2008

The Gaze TV NBL Show : Round 1

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Here's a preview on round 1 of the NBL championship, with the Gaze Factor himself. Obviously this is very Melbourne-centric, but gives an insight into the adjustment of the Tigers' three key new signings. A couple of initial impressions on this video:

1. That is an impressively big microphone that Drewey is holding; and

2. Has Gaze grown or has Mark Bradtke shrunk?

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Steveo said...

Great Initiative

Clubs in Townsville, Cairns. I been to games in Carins, a while back.

A must, is that the Basketball thinktank, should institute a Club in Darwin. They are starved for a club. Money out of gas companies etc. Cannot be soccer or football. Too Hot!. Basketball inside and airconditioned. Think about it. Would work better than Singapore and is domestic not international. that club could also be linked to Asian countries for competitions.


mookie said...

From what I've seen up in Darwin, I'd have to agree. The population might not be huge, but there certainly seems to be a hunger there for the game.