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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Today's Warnings : 30 September, 2008 (from the blogs)

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Here are a few more blogs to sink your teeth into in the world of basketball:

  • The Basketball Professor, Dodge Taylor, brings us a look back at the under-appreciated Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, aka Chris Jackson. Dodge has a great focus on the pure shooters in basketball -- well worth looking around his blog.
  • Glockers reviews the Charles Barkley book, I might be wrong, but I doubt it. Sir Charles definitely is unrivalled as far as player-writers go... perhaps Paul Shirley can claim to have a shot against him in the writing stakes, but is Shirley really a player? Maybe when John Rillie comes out with his autobiography we can open the debate again! In the meantime, I have to commend CB#34, as Glockers does, on his entertaining, thought-provoking words. His previous book, Outrageous was un-put-down-able for me...(yep, that's a word).
  • Cuzoogle is all over the place with his coverage. He covers basketball, a lot of American football, a range of other sports that pop up, oh yeah, and girls. Today he had a great list of things that might tick off Raptors coach Sam Mitchell, who has recently vowed not to swear any more.
  • Boyd at Thoughts From The Jockstrap takes a look at which NBA players he wouldn't mind meeting in a dark alley and those that he would avoid... I think I'd avoid most of them myself.

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